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Why Handmade?

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Why Handmade?

Why buy handmade?

Do you support your local artisians? Those talented people who create everything from creative baked goods to furniture to paintings and everything inbetween. Why are you supporting artisians? Well, it's important to support artists because what they create is unique and not massed produced. Some artists offer customization of the unique items they create. The price you pay is for what you see. The genuine article. Money is generated, taxes are paid, and the artisans can make a living.
I recently attended a weekend conference with classes that related to therapeutic riding. There were all kinds of items that were donated for a slient auction. There were horse bridles, horse themed jewery, greeting cards, horse t-shirts, etc.
In a corner was an older woman with her pottery for sale. Her name is Amy Romaniec. She created horses that were made as ornaments. Which is pictured above. Each lovingly carved and glazed. I spoke with her. Asking about her work. She showed me pictures on her phone of her kiln, works in progress, and she also spoke of how she made certain pieces and the commissions she was working on. She was so friendly and a warm type of person. I showed her pictures of my drawings, she was impressed and gave me some ideas on how to advertise myself. Talking with her has inspired me.
If you really think about it, each piece of art is unique like each person in the world. Some corporations try to create a product that has a handmade feel to it but it doesn't come close to the real feel of something handcrafted by a real artisan. Something that was born in the imagination and carried through to the physical world.
When we purchase handmade we are help keep these traditional artisan skills alive. While also creating a demand for education for these skills. It helps keep these skills alive as well as a cultureral identity.
Each handmade item is about people and not machines. It's about the time and effort that goes into each piece of art. It is also about the artisan's skill, techincal skills, the artisan's imagination, the unique treasure and not a throwaway machine made item.

*I have added Amy's link to the photo of her piece above.