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Water for my Best Friend

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My inspiration for this drawing was from a story I heard from my friend, Vera. Vera was trail riding. It was summer and hot and humid out. She had been riding for over an hour or two when she stopped by a lake to cool down. She dismounted and headed straight to the lake. She dipped her hands into the lake and offered her horse water to drink from her hand. Before she took a drink. When one has such a strong bond with their horse it's magical.

A horse is more than just a pet, it is a friend, teacher, and healer. Maybe it's the horse's social nature he thinks of you as part of his herd. Just the two of you when you're together. When he sees you from the pasture he trots over to you, when you're busy in the barn he watches you, you know what that means? He trusts you. He feels safe with you. You are part of his herd. If a horse trusts you you are on your way to a wonderful relationship with your horse. A partnership starts.

I have a horse at the stables that I have a good bond with, his name is Petey. He's a 24-year-old thoroughbred that never raced. When I work with this horse it is a wonderful experience. I swear he can read my mind! Sometimes I have no words to express what it's like to experience the bond or the magic as I call it. Has that ever happened to you and your horse?